Modern office design ideas for 2020

Gone are those days where offices were just about desks aligned in a line or maybe cubicles. The past decade did not see much of the changes in office interior designs, but this new decade has already marked the emergence of young minds, young entrepreneurs.

How to Design Co -working Spaces that Inspire Workers

The concept of co-working has created a lot of buzz lately. Professionals, as well as freelancers, have made their move from rented structures to affordable co-working spaces. Co-working spaces share the essence of working in a community. It’s not just about a pocket-friendly desk to work from but way more than that.

Five Essentials for Your Office Interior Design Project

Designing a new office or redesigning your current workplace to align with your company’s vision can be an exciting, complex, and an expensive project. It is critical you get it right and covered. With a few tips, you can make your office fit-out an efficient process, and a successful change for your organization.

Open Office Vs Closed Office – A Short guide

The long-lasting argument involving closed office plans versus open office spaces has got many businesses think about and jot down essential factors while deciding on the type of office interior fitouts that will best suit their requirements. The way you lay out your office, holds a number of vital implications for your business, this includes the cost, design, culture, privacy and communication.

How Color Can Turn a Window Shopper Into a Buyer

Color psychology is a pretty interesting thing. The way we interpret color and associate it with a certain situation or surrounding impacts the decisions we make. Retailers need to bear this in mind before designing their store. A shop interior design should not be according to your liking, there are several other factors you need to consider, especially color.

Does your office tell a story?

The image of a chaiwala delivering tea and coffee to a row of neatly arranged desks with people drowning in paperwork and a creaking fan above seems to be a story of a forgotten era. Most of our generation has seen such office interiors only in films from that era. The occupants of those desks aspired for little more than a permanent job and their daily dose of tea served piping hot at their tables. While the chaiwala of today holds the highest seat of the government, the average office goer too is no longer someone who aspires to be there for a good old cup of tea. Today’s employee is aspirational, risk prone and competitive.