Workplaces are dynamic and evolving continuously

We offer solutions to conceptualise and create spaces that provide various opportunities to enhance the human capacity to perform

Work places are going through a dramatic shift in the way the work environment is designed. From employee well-being, flexible or agile work places, natural lighting, optimising energy, breaking hierarchy, and many more aspects.


We create integrated Solutions

  • Strategic Planning
    Strategic approach to plan your entire project design where our teams research and understand your work environment needs and maximize space utilization

  • Interior Planning & Design
    Our design teams conceptualise innovative solutions that deliver with consideration of multiple performance factors unique to your space and needs.

  • Inside-Out Architecture
    A unique approach to build, our model creates the design from inside out to deliver on high performance spaces.

  • Ensemble Technology / Agile
    By integrating engineering, technology and design, we create a path-breaking work format that’s seamless. It also empowers all stakeholders in the process of design creation and delivery.

  • Building Services Engineering
    With one of the richest and most versatile experience in the industry, we ensure a safe and effective habitat for people.

  • Sustainable Design
    High energy efficiency and green design is at the core of our design and build process. This ensures highly efficient environments.

  • Pre-Lease Services
    Identifyign the right space and leveraging negotiations

  • Procurement & Construction
    Proactively controlling quality, budget and schedule

  • Construction Management
    Delivering expectations

  • New Technologies
    The designs we propose are as per the latest trends in the industry incorporating safety, wellness & new technology like IOT.

Our Approach: Process, technology and
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Featured Projects

  • Ensemble
    7,000 SFT.
  • Google
    38,000 SFT.
  • TCS
  • Kirloskar
    45,000 SFT.
  • Taj Gateway
    1,00,000 SFT.
  • India Bulls
    25,000 SFT.
  • UST Global
    2,25,000 SFT.
  • Workwise
    10,000 SFT.
  • Zydus
    8,80,000 SFT.
  • MSD
    7,500 SFT.
  • Red Brick
    15,000 SFT.
  • Work Wise
    20,000 SFT.
  • Leeway
    15,000 SFT.
  • Toluna
    25,000 SFT.
  • IBM
    30,000 SFT.
  • Ministry of Textile
    10,000 SFT.
  • TCS Banayan Park
    6,00,000 SFT.
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