Modern office design ideas for 2020

Gone are those days where offices were just about desks aligned in a line or maybe cubicles. The past decade did not see much of the changes in office interior designs, but this new decade has already marked the emergence of young minds, young entrepreneurs. Now, it’s not about those traditional bays and revolving chairs, there is surely a lot more to workspace designs. Office interior design can go a long way when it comes to boosting productivity and letting your employee work those extra hours without being stressed out.

2020 has bought in new design ideas to give your office the right mood.

Anytime spaces

Any Time Space

These spaces are a workspace away from the regular workspace. Employees could have access to these spaces throughout the day. This mobility could help workers find their desired space to work, boosting their efficiency to another level. May it be a phone call, a meeting or maybe just a team talk, a hybrid space could be the choice of any employee. Also, such spaces give a certain sense of freedom to the workers not making it compulsive for them to be glued to their seats all the time.

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

Very underrated, but lights are something that can bring an office to life. Who needs those boxed bright lights, when natural light through the panes could welcome you everyday to your workspace. As per research mediums, natural light is considered the best light to work in. It does not add any strain to an employees vision causing lesser headaches. Natural light also tends to be more comforting than extra bright tubes. Another added advantage would be less consumption of electricity.

Incorporating colours

Incorporating colours

Even though you want the office space to look more elegant and simple, a touch of bright colour on the furniture panels or a pastel coloured couch would be an eye puller. These colours could also be the colours that represent the brand. Incorporating colours to the basic colour scheme of a workplace might be pleasing for visitors as well as employees.

Green Spaces

Green spaces

One element to look out for at any modern office are green spaces. Plants around the workplace would give a very natural feel to your office. Getting nature into an office would not be that costly either. Transforming the office interior design to have greener spaces would give a fresh outlook for the employees who spend most of the week at their workplace.

Ensemble, experts in interior design and office fitouts can you help you design build or re-design your office space embracing all the latest trends of this decade.

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