Setting the boundaries – Effective office Partitioning

As an office goer, is there something you feel you office fitout lacks? Probably the seating arrangement? Well, this is a common issue with most offices, you’ll tend to have different teams sitting together, which although seems good enough from an employers perspective, but an employee would certainly not agree to it. Not all offices are stacked in line with the different teams, departments and functions that it consists of. A suggestion; if you’ve still not initiated the concept of office partitioning, it’s time you fit the space around your business using the same. You know why? These cost-effective walls can be speedily positioned to create a corporate office design that suits your needs. Take a look at this quick guide to assess the different types of partitioning that will go best with your workplace and help reduce noise between departments( a major cause for insufficient productivity) and also stipulate a non-disruptive movement of foot traffic encompassing the work areas. Acoustically treated fixed partitions
  • Use of acoustical partitions in cabins and conference rooms
  • Double glazed partition
  • Gypsum partitions with GI framework and glass wool insulation
Creating Functional Areas In An Office The standard reason for optimizing the concept of partitioning is to define space within the workplace environment into various sections and rooms meant for varied purposes. Isolating each area encourages a more dedication, allowing a more regulated and integrated organizational structure. To take a look at some of the common uses keep reading… Sales floor The best way to set up a sales floor is by using acoustically treated modular partitions. Achieving this will only be possible if you undertake a robust construction that consists of easy installation processes. You can certainly make use of soft boards to form these partitions, as they’re not only good at sound absorption but also look elegant in appearance. Executive office Partitioning permits individual spaces to be created for the company’s directors, offering them a level of seclusion in order to make important calls and carry out other work-related brainstorming sessions with the business leaders. Boardroom Boardrooms form an integral part of most large organizations. Even though they are rarely used except for conducting board meetings or presentation with important clients or at times by the different teams within an organization the large table, comfortable chairs create a sense of existence and purpose. Reception area You’d not want clients to be surrounded in the functional areas of your business, mainly due to the commotion that’s created out there, hence it is important to keep them isolated from such areas using a designated reception area. You can welcome them here by offering them a cup of tea or coffee and make them feel comfortable using a modular office furniture. Always ensure to make this area of your enterprise look more sophisticated, this is where clients build their first impression about you as an entrepreneur. Your reception or waiting area will give visitors a first impression of your company hence you need to ensure that this area of your office is more cohesive and elegant. In order to make it look warm and welcoming yet efficient, make use of warm colors. Also, you need to pay equal attention to your ceiling, it is an area we tend to ignore quite often, but do remember that keeping the ceiling clean yet innovative is important too. That’s not all, you can also use graphics in the form of wall paintings, this will make your reception area look more attractive yet won’t cost you much. It is completely cost effective. Partitioning is all about segregating different departments of your office in order to create a great atmosphere and increase productivity.  

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