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01. Approach

A great building requires collaboration and teamwork from the design team, contractor, building trades & material suppliers. A great building requires an open mind and an attitude of teamwork.

A great building is also rooted in a design philosophy. We believe each design should be affordable, durable & beautiful. These three pillars of architecture inform each design decision. Each pillar is given equal consideration. This philosophy, along with a collaborative approach and teamwork mentality, help to ensure great buildings and lasting relationships.

02. Research

At ONØ we design by research. It informs, influences and defines everything – the nature of a problem, context, creativity, even the inner workings of an organisation. But most importantly, it puts user experience at the forefront of our minds. Insight allows us to push boundaries, learn and set our sights on real impact, not just a formal or formulaic solution. We let this knowledge set the pace and approach, asking and listening before taking action.

From influencing strategy to focusing feasibility, high value is placed on continual research and exploration of the opportunities it presents.