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People Centric Space Design

Blending behavior, aesthetics & technology to deliver a world-class workspace

We conceptualize spaces with the view of positively impacting people and performance. Always achieving a thoughtful balance between ‘me’ space and ‘we’ space.

D&B is a 21st-century space design and execution enterprise that focuses on commercial, retail, business, and work environs. We are a client focus enterprise, where we keep your business/work environment needs at the heart of our design-think process.

Gordon Freeman
art director onø
“ Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every clients, on every project with full of energy we have ”
Gordon Freeman
art director onø
Streamlined Integrated Solutions

Delivering world-class spaces for nearly two decades

Strategic Planning
Address client needs and maximize space utilization
Interior Planning & Design
Create innovative solutions
Inside-Out Architecture
Design buildings from the inside-Out
Agile Technology
Integrate Engineering, Technology & Design covering the latest industry trends that incorporate safety, wellness & cutting edge techs such as IoT, Hybrid Workspaces, and more.
Building Services Engineering
Creating a safe, effective environment
Sustainable Design
Ensuring green, sustainable energy-efficient environments
Pre-Lease Services
Identifying the right space & Negotiate
Procurement & Construction
Quality Control, Budget & Schedule
Construction Management
Manage, Communicate and Delivery Expectations
Transforming your Vision into built space
How we work


Design Strategy and Recommendations
Our D+B experts create a complete approach and design strategy. After deep deliberations with the client teams we finalise the design and worksheets.
Design finalisation
A detailed viable design is developed and shared for approval. We focus on the various possibilities and detail out the impact on work as well as people. Also, at this stage we share the entire work process, costs, materials, timelines and other particulars.
Final drawings and ordering of all packages required for the project to be executed.
Project Management
We undertake complete project Execution management. We are proud to build one of the best ‘build’ teams in India as we offer the best-in-class service, on time and within budgets.
Move Management
We provide hassle-free relocation and transition services to the new premises for the client.
Hand Over
A detailed handover is done with the help of checklists taking into account client satisfaction as the primary outcome.