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Unparalleled Precision

General Contracting

End to end solutions – for the beginning of dynamic spaces

We execute C&I, MEP & other bought out works for clients. As a single vendor to the project, Ensemble undertakes the responsibility to execute all packages under one roof and delivers world fitout in short timelines.

  • Project Scoping
  • Outline Design & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Detailed Design & Code Compliance

Design Consultancy

Every space needs to have a unique character that speaks for itself.

With a performance-led approach, our design teams integrate aesthetics and functionality in a seamless, intuitive manner. With design audit, concept drawings, and people centricity, we understand your space needs and leverage the transformative power of design to create distinctive spaces.

Our services are crafted from an idea to a reality by highly skilled professionals who are well known for their creative thinking. From urban to contemporary designs, we deliver high-quality results for all of our clients.


One of India’s best execution capability teams

D&B is a 21st-century space design and execution enterprise that focuses on commercial, retail, business and work environs. We are a client focussed enterprise, where we keep your business/work environment needs at the heart of our design-think process.

We believe that design brings people to the fore. The key to a new, modern, agile workplace is striking a balance between ‘me’ space and ‘we’ space.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Interior Planning & Design
  • Inside-out Architecture
  • Agile Tech
  • Building Service Engineering
  • Sustainable Design
  • Pre-Lease Service
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Construction Management


Sophisticated Machinery with a workforce of Experts

We have invested in creating one of India’s leading mechanized manufacturing facilities spread over 1,25,000 sq ft. in Mumbai. We deliver leading solutions at industry-leading costs and timelines.
With top-of-the-line European machinery and capabilities for processing large volumes of Panels, Solid Woods, Acrylics, we deliver metal & finishing works with ease.
Our entire machining capacity has been built using the latest and the most advanced equipment sourced from across the globe.