The concept of co-working has created a lot of buzz lately. Professionals, as well as freelancers, have made their move from rented structures to affordable co-working spaces. Coworking spaces share the essence of working in a community. It’s not just about a pocket-friendly desk to work from but way more than that.

How engaging can a co-working space be? How can it inspire workers?

A coworking space design should be such that it brings out the best in the co-worker. It also plays a part in the efficiency and productivity of the worker. Certain design elements must be mindfully incorporated while designing co-working spaces.

Make it look aesthetic:

Giving the co-working space a touch of aesthetic will create a different experience for the co-worker who had been working at a traditional office with cubicles. Right architecture, sufficient lighting and appropriate ventilation will make up for a great co-working space. Bright coloured walls, theme-based decor depicting the culture of the space will refresh the people at work and contribute to their productivity.

Flexible working:

A co-working space design should facilitate the co-worker to work from any part of the space as and when they like. The desk holders should be able to move across community events and meeting rooms unlike working from a dedicated desk for the entire day. Every co-worker should be able to avail of a space that is feasible to his/her requirements. For instance, one co-worker needs, more storage space and another needs a bigger cabin. Flexibility helps the workers remain stress-free.


A co-working space must be designed in a way that all the co-workers have equal access to all the common amenities like clean and accessible washrooms, pantry service and housekeeping. These amenities add to the comfort and ease of employees and boost their dedication towards work.

Community spaces:

It is very important to have a community space with interiors that could drive interaction between co-workers. This part of the co-working space design should be enough to hold stand-up performances, community knowledge sessions and Saturday chillout session.

A well-designed community space can be the favourite area for the coworkers to work.

Ensemble, a brand with expertise in co-working space designs will give your space the right look and feel combined with a unique, efficient working experience for the co-workers.